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Derrick and Stephanie had taken different paths in the true crime genre, but in 2020 they decided to team up and start a podcast together. They wanted to put an emphasis on dissecting cases and covering the details of the investigation in a way that you don't often see. With Derrick’s extensive law-enforcement background and Stephanie's gift or researching and writing, Crime Weekly was born.

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Meet Derrick

Derrick Levasseur is a decorated police sergeant from Central Falls, Rhode Island. Hired at only twenty years old, he was one of the youngest officers in the department’s history and worked in both the Patrol Division and the Detective Division.

He was later assigned to the Special Investigations Unit as an undercover detective, where he had the opportunity to work with the ATF, DEA, FBI, and US Secret Service, resulting in numerous arrests and seizures.

In addition to his experience in the field, he has advanced training in crime scene analysis, interview and interrogation techniques, and undercover operations.   

Throughout the course of his career, Derrick has received multiple awards, including letters of recognition, unit citations, commendations, and the Medal of Valor, which is the highest honor a sworn officer can receive.

Derrick starred in and produced the hit show Breaking Homicide on Discovery ID. He is currently the CEO of “Break Investigative Group” — a successful private investigation and consulting firm located in Rhode Island.

He is also the author of the best-selling book, The Undercover Edge.

Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Harlowe has been an up and comer in the YouTube community since 2017. After gaining a small but engaged following, she realized she had an amazing opportunity to use her platform to speak about what really mattered and challenge herself, while raising awareness for both solved and unsolved cases.

Since then she has built a large and loyal following, and the audience that has become her fan base and extended family truly appreciates her dedication and commitment to conducting thorough research and providing facts and details that others miss or gloss over.

Throughout her career in true crime, she has had the pleasure and honor to work with some of the top names in this genre, including John Lordan, Billy Jensen, and her co-host for Crime Weekly, Derrick Levasseur. She has also been able to work with Investigation Discovery, covering the cases of Brittany Murphy as well as the West Memphis 3.

Stephanie believes the true crime community is a tight knit one that values life and seeks justice, and includes journalists, law enforcement, and armchair detectives that can bring a new perspective to an old case. True crime is not a passing fancy for Stephanie; it is a lifestyle through which she feels she can effect real change in the world.

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